About Me

Hello there! Welcome to my blog! I hope you enjoy what you have seen and read so far. If you liked something or want to chat about anything, or just need a friend, please contact me.

I am a stay at home mom, who has always loved writing. Ever since having kids, though, I have really let my writing skills get rusty. This blog provides an outlet and some much needed practice. I do love encouraging others to love themselves and learn to laugh at the irony of life.

I live in a small town in Wyoming, USA where I homeschool my kids and spend most of my free time remodeling my house with my husband, Reed.

I love music, reading, acting, camping, snowshoeing, and having lazy pajama days with my little family!

Most importantly, I am a follower of Jesus! I love God and am partnering with my husband to raise children that love Jesus and want to spend their lives being a friend of God. The purpose of this blog is not to push religion on anyone, but from time to time you will see my faith show up in my posts. If you agree, say amen, if not, please keep reading. As my father-in-law says all the time “Eat the Meat and throw out the Bones.”

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