Reservation for Crazy: Part Three

So I’ve spent the last two weeks chronicling our crazy month long vacation. If you missed the first two parts and want to catch up, they are on my website or on my Facebook page.

Today’s post will summarize our Disney World experience!

Days One and Two we spent at Magic Kingdom. Most of the rides and restaurants were open and even with the social distancing the wait times were hardly ever longer than thirty minutes. I was worried that my kids were all going to be “stick-in-the-muds” since we have not really ever rode rides before, but they did great!! Capri and Ella even fell in love with the Thunder Mountain Railroad and rode it a couple of times.

Days Three and Four we spent at Hollywood Studios. Other than Toy Story Land and Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway there was not much at this park for us. I’ve seen almost all of the Star Wars movies, and we did ride the simulation rides, but we only did a couple of hours each day and spent the rest of the day swimming at our AirBnB or exploring the town.

Days Five and Six we spent at Animal Kingdom. The kids definitely had the most fun at this park. We did not start on the Wilderness Explorers activities until the second day we were there, but were able to find all the badges and finish the book. Colton was very proud of our accomplishment.

Days Seven and Eight were spent at EPCOT. This park was definitely the most entertaining to just walk around. The rides were fun, but definitely not the main point of the park at all. The kids enjoyed picking up the “postcards” in each country and trying to guess which country was next without reading any signs.

Overall, we had a blast! My only complaint would be the constant “need” to have a mask. I’m very glad we stayed in an AirBnB not affiliated with Disney so we could get a break from what will always be known as the “Mask Nazis.”

Next up on the agenda is Okeechobee to visit family, then on to the Florida Keys!!

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