Reservation for Crazy: Part Two

Hello again! Let me start with a quick recap. My family decided to spend a month away from work and snow. So a couple of days ago we all boarded a plane bound for Florida.

I’ve done quite a few road trips with my kids and what I have learned is to never pack my own snacks. Now maybe your kids, or even you yourself, are happy with what you’ve so thoughtfully picked out for them before you hit the road, but mine are not. I could have the most delicious chocolates and delicacies in my diaper bag, but when we stop for gas all they want to do is go inside and pick out something that we don’t have. Can I blame them? I’m the same way, sometimes.

What does this have to do with flying? Well, my husband and I went down a “minimalist packing” path. Knowing we would be in rentals for a month with limited space, I knew I didn’t want the stress of loads of luggage. So, everybody only gets 4 outfits, a pair of pajamas and a swimsuit. Following this line of thought we decided to not bring any toys. NO TOYS?!?!?! ARE YOU CRAZY?!??! Maybe. But we knew we would have limited space AND that we would be spending 8 days at Disney World. You cannot spend 8 days at Disney World and 3 weeks road tripping around Florida without accumulating toys. So really all they had to do was make it one full day without conventional toys.

Now, I’ll tell you what we DID bring. Each of the older three had their own MP3, a digital camera, and a kindle for books. I also had packets of schoolwork in case they got bored.

For my youngest, I brought snacks and his special blanket. He ended up being fascinated looking at the window, eating his snacks, and wiping everything down with the sanitizing wipe the flight attendants gave him. He also fell asleep for an hour, so bonus!!

Once we got to our final destination airport I was very grateful for our light packing. Four kids, two adults, six backpacks, a stroller, and three car seats sure made for a fun parade from baggage claim to the car rental location.

Also, I had rented a large SUV (because they were cheaper than minivans) thinking we’d have loads of space. I, myself, drive a Ford Expedition. Nope, we have the tiniest GMC Yukon known to man. With zero storage space. We have to fold down seats to keep our stroller in the back. I’m so glad we have very minimal baggage.

As of right now, we are two days into our eight days of Disney. Next week, I’ll give you all an update of how that went.

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