Reservation for Crazy?!? Part One

So flying with children has always been this dreaded, stress-inducing ordeal for me. I think most moms can relate. They get so excited about the plane and the adrenaline from that makes it impossible for them to sit still. Not that sitting still is in their wheelhouse anyway.

We, as moms, read through articles and scroll through Pinterest looking for traveling hacks and tips. Sometimes those tips and hacks are lifesavers but most of the time, they remind us that all children are 100% different and what works like gangbusters for one or two does not even come close for another.

Now enter stage left CoVid 19! Now on top of being trapped in a flying tin can with upset, antsy children and 100 other people, we have to wear masks and “social distance.” Not even sure how thats supposed to happen with airline seats the way they are. You’d be crazy to want to fly now, right? Right!

Guess who is flying across the country with her husband and four kids ages 9 and under?? You guessed it! It’s crazy old me.

My husband and I originally planned to do a missions trip overseas in celebration of our 10th anniversary, but obviously thats near impossible right now. Instead, we decided to take the kids to Disney World! Great idea, right? I certainly hope so.

Want to know something even crazier? After Disney World we are planning on just exploring the coast line of Florida, Louisiana, and maybe Texas for a few weeks. After which we will drive home to Wyoming. Crazy, Party of Six?!?! *I raise my hand* Here we are!

So over the next few weeks, if I survive, I’ll be updating you all on our trip. Wish me luck!!

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