Why You Doing So Much?

Well, I am officially 89% done putting the Christmas decorations away! Yay, me, right?

I cannot help but think, “Why do I do this to myself every year?” I don’t know how much decor you have, but I feel like I have a lot of little Knick-knacks that get set out and about the house, two large christmas trees with all of their lights and ornaments and tree skirts, etc. I don’t believe the work comes from the amount of decorations, necessarily. I think that it’s more the amount of time I mentally allot to put and take down said decorations.

I without fail strive to put everything up in one day. I usually do it sometime the weekend after Thanksgiving, and no matter how often my husband says, “We’ll finish the rest tomorrow.” My whole body fights that notion!

It’s the same, but in reverse every mid-January. I finally decide I’m ready to have my house back, and start furiously packing everything up. So I’m covered in fake pine needles and flocking, with ornament hook scratches all over my arms and hands. My hair is frizzed from static electricity, and I’m needlessly stressed out about not finishing it all in one day, like I planned.

This year, I realized how often I do this to myself. I set ridiculously high expectations and feel dejected, disappointed, and distractedly stressed out when I don’t accomplish what I set out to do. I understand there should be an element of “shooting for the moon.” But it would be great to be able to sit back and read a book for fun, without feeling guilty about all the other things I need to be doing.

So, what do I do? I make a list of things I NEED to do everyday. This list is full of things I enjoy, but when they’re mandated it takes a tiny bit of the fun out of it. So now I have a list of things I NEED to do everyday to keep the house, school and work going smoothly, AND a list of things I NEED to do everyday to feel accomplished and fulfilled.

So, I ask again, “Why You Doing SO MUCH?!?!”

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